Dot IE domain changes in March 2018

Protect your Dot IE domain name

Policy liberalisation changes approaching from March as to the requirements for registering for a dot ie(.ie) domain name.


Over 239,000 dot ie domains have been registered. Have your protected yours? If you already have your dot ie domain registered, then you won’t be impacted by the changes.

The need to show a ‘claim to the name’ when registering a new dot ie domain will be removed from March 2018.

Registrants will still need to prove their real connection to the island of Ireland, and their identity, when applying for a dot ie domain.

Anyone with a connection to Ireland from March onwards will be able to register any name with the .ie domain without having to prove claim to the name. Now is the time to register your dot ie domain extension for your website. Register your domain now for as little as €20 plus VAT per/year.

Dot IE domain restriction changes

Dot ie will still be:

  • reserved for those with legitimate Irish connections
  • as safe as ever
  • verifying the identity of domain owners
  • verifying connection to the island of Ireland


Why are the rules changing?

  • Streamline the setup process for those with real Irish connections to get a dot ie.
  • Grow dot ie, especially with Irish Small Office/Home Office/Micro businesses.
  • Applicants can’t prove future ‘claims’ (e.g. new start-up businesses who want a web presence before setting up a physical presence).
  • Removal of restrictions on domains that reflect a person’s name, nickname, pen name.

Those with real Irish connections can get any available dot ie domain they want, without delay.


What happens if someone takes my name?

Disputes are handled using the IE Dispute Resolution Policy, supported by the provisions of the legal Terms of Service, and the IE Registration & Naming Policy.

The Policy Advisory Committee is also reviewing the introduction of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process. The objective is to evaluate options for a faster and more affordable way to dispute dot ie domain registrations.


Protect your business and/or your name by registering before implementation changes in March.

Full list of accredited registers –


Current requirements to register a Business or Commercial domain name

Provide proof of trading such as:-

– VAT number or Copy Bank Statement showing business name (financial details should be blanked out).

Or if your business isn’t set up yet, or the nature of your work doesn’t require you to register as self-employed, you will need to provide

Proof of ID:-

– Copy of a Passport, Drivers License, Birth Certificate.

A proof of address:-

– Copy of :- Utility Bill, Driving License or Bank Statement (financial details should be blanked out).


Also answer the following two questions:-

1. What will the domain be used for?

A brief description ( for example: I plan to write a blog, the domain will be used for a website to advertise my products, I plan to sell products or services through an online shop, the domain will be used for an information website etc )

2. Why did you choose this domain name?

A brief reason for this specific domain name being chosen (for example: it matches your product name, the name describes the service you offer, it’s your brand name, your interest or hobby etc)


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