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SEO Tips for 2019

9 Key SEO Tips for 2019

Below are a list of the key SEO tips for 2019 by Web Clare.  Top 15 SEO tips from 2018 are still valid to help with your ranking. 

On-Page SEO

Mobile Optimised websites 

– The majority of websites are now accessed on mobile devices and as such Google has changed their indexing to reflect higher for mobile optimised websites. In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. (source –

Content is still King

You need to prioritise Quality over quantity. Content must be relevant and engaging to users.  Find out what people are searching for in your niche area and post solutions. Google Trends is a handy way of seeing how your niche is trending and if there is certain months when interest increases. You can also see related queries and if they are increaseing in popularity. 

Ensure you are writing the content correctly to maximise your SEO ranking. Web Clare have an article on this – SEO Tips for writing good content. This also includes some ideas you can use for content that are popular. 

Fast loading websites

– As more content is accessed by mobile devices now, the page load speed of a website is crucial. Faster loading websites will be shown higher than slow loading websites assuming all other factors are equal. You can test your mobile speed as Google sees it –

Voice search 

– longer keyword phrases are a knock on from voice searching – Siri, Alexa etc. are key here. If you find it hard to compete with some of the larger companies in your niche, this is an ideal way to get ahead. Keyword research and analysis is vital here. Large corporations may be hard to beat on shorter terms, but they often forget about the longer keyword phrases. Also include your locality (Clare, Limerick or Galway) or country (Ireland) to beat them on local searches

SSL security

– It is a commonly known factor that if you have a secure website it will gain more value as compared to a non-secure website. Even Google agrees that they prefer to rank Websites with SSL Security over an unsecured websiteWebsites without security are starting to get penalised and can impact your ranking on search engines. 

Structured Data for Rich Snippets

– while not for users, this ensures search engines get a good understanding of not only your content but its purpose.  Structured data is directly added to the HTML so that crawler can easily decipher the web page content. When you search in the Google Search box, the google crawler look for the best relevant content against the requested query. On top of the search result, you may have noticed a box with the title and some more information. Those boxes are called rich snippets.

Website structure

 While website structure has always been relevant, I am seeing this key to ensuring a high ranking. If the keyword phrase is in the URL, it improves its ranking. When you post news updates or create new pages on your website, ensure to use the keyword/phrase in your page URL or “slug”. If you wish to change existing ones, you will need to put redirection in place as you may get punished in your rankings if search engines encounter page not found errors.

Off-Page SEO

Brand awareness – Social sharing

– This was a new factor that seemed to gain more traction in 2018 – how popular your post on social media was can gain a higher ranking. Also brand awareness across a number of different platforms including social media. Find out how your web links are doing on social sharing – 

Video blogging

– Video has been consistently rising year on year – how to do videos etc. Videos are one of the best ways of communication between your product and your audience. Some surveys suggest that viewers are more interested to gain information from videos rather than reading it. Video content is going to become the biggest factor for SEO 2019 ranking and promotions. This is something that I plan to use more of coming up in 2019. 

Above are Web Clare Top SEO tips for 2019. Please get in touch with us if you want to find out more about how to get your website higher on Google. 

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