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Impact of SEO in Web Design

Impact of SEO in Web Design Summary

A well-planned and executed web design will deliver the kind of impact that will increase traffic and conversions for your business. But without the proper SEO techniques, your awesome site will not produce outreach results.

Both components are necessary if you want your efforts to render the expected results.

Google likes a website that is user-friendly. They want to provide searchers a top user experience and they will do that by ranking the best sites higher.

Google is not only interested in a flashy format, look, and feel. They look at and favor those sites that will provide users the content they are actually looking for. So, you need your efforts to be focused on improving your search rankings by providing the best service.

When it comes to enhancing your SEO impact, keywords play an important role.

Let’s take a look at what are the aspects of your web design that should be SEO-optimized.


Website Speed

Speed how it impacts SEO on Web designThis one is, in fact, a big deal, so we will start with this one. This is because Google takes page loading speed into consideration when determining a website’s ranking.


Simply put, if people enter your site and it feels like the times of telephone internet connection, they will just move on to the next site. This will result in Google flagging you as not SEO friendly.



Media how it impacts SEO on web designAn image speaks louder than a thousand words, they say. We are a generation obsessed with images and these ones speak to us pretty clearly. This is why it is necessary for a good SEO for your images to speak loud and clear.


This is what you must take into account when placing images on your site:


  • Keep your images relevant to your content. If you want to graphically represent what you do, make sure the metaphor is easily understandable.
  • Compress and optimize them to make them load faster.
  • Add an alternate text so that Google can index them properly.


Don’t forget about videos as they can affect SEO. They work wonders for your site too. If you are writing content that people must read, complementing with video enhances your content and helps build trust.



Keywords and how they impact SEO on web designIf you have a plumbing business in Limerick, you want people searching for “plumber in Limerick” to actually find you on the search engine results pages (SERP).


How can you make that happen? Include the term “plumber in Limerick” in your keywords set.


But make no mistake – not everything is about stuffing content with the right keywords. Actually, abusing keywords will usually affect the quality of the content. Search engines will not favor such behavior and will, in fact, penalize you for it.


Create content that your visitors want to read and will make them grow. If possible, consider hiring an SEO specialist to help you widen your client base.


A great site is a benchmark and an authority in the niche it works in. This has an important impact on how search engines rank you.


Social Media

You cannot have an SEO-optimized website without including digital marketing in the picture. Consider the following when getting your hands down your social media game:


  • Content in social media is more reliable to potential buyers than whatever advertisers say about themselves.
  • Social media helps establish a closer relationship between vendor and clients.
  • Your social media activity will positively impact traffic to your website.


Always remember that the trick is not about clogging your website with social buttons. This is also a good place to flex your content marketing muscle along with great web design.


In Conclusion

Your website requires search engine optimization in order for it to rank. If not, it will be like this beautiful treasure buried deep inside the earth with nobody to unearth it. Best SEO strategy is to start at the design stage of a website for optimal search engine rankings.

Use the guide above for good webdesign to ensure maximum Impact of SEO in Web Design.


Build your website design so that people find value in it and want to share it. Or, in other words, build it with SEO in mind.


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