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How much does SEO Cost? SEO Pricing in Ireland

How much does SEO cost?

SEO cost prices have a large range in charges per month (€200 – €10,000).

Getting prices for SEO can be frustrating because it is hard to tell what package is most suitable for your business.

It’s important to realise that the price isn’t necessarily the main factor, it’s the return on leads or sales that’s most important. If you had monthly sales of €100,000  each month (on average) from your website as a result of strong rankings, you’d see €5,000 SEO as a good investment.

For the majority of businesses, a spend like that wouldn’t be justified. It’s just worth understanding the fact SEO is an investment when done correctly.

It is sometimes easier to value the return in an eCommerce business as you see the return straight away. In a services or off line business, sometimes the value of leads can be hard to determine.


How is SEO typically priced?

The three main ways SEO pricing is applied are hourly rates, per project pricing or monthly retainers.

Hourly Rates

Used by SEO agencies and SEO freelancers who serve smaller businesses which can’t afford to commit to a long-term SEO campaign. This allows the business to manage their SEO cost, however we find that this can be limiting in the results you get.

Project based Pricing

A price per portion of SEO work – i.e. Do on-page optimization for ecommerce website with 200 products.

Monthly retainers

Web Clare work with the monthly retainer option. We charge a fixed fee each month to constantly monitor and work on your SEO campaign. This is the most effictive model as it allows us to constantly grow your rankings organically, where project-based SEO and hourly SEO doesn’t. Google likes websites that produce new content regularly.


Who charges what?

When comparing SEO companies in Dublin or the anywhere else for that matter you’re likely to encounter SEO consultants, small SEO agencies and medium-large sized SEO agencies.

Naturally, due to the size of each business, their offering and their case studies, you’re going to pay a wide range of prices for each service. Each business can have different pricing models.

SEO Consultants in Ireland

The consulant SEO’s I’ve spoken to in Dublin, business owners can expect to pay around €199 to €500 per month for an ongoing SEO retainer. Some of these can be very good but some also outsource this work with some dubious results.

Small SEO agencies in Ireland

The small SEO agencies in Ireland I’ve come across are charging between €300-€1,500 per month for SEO.

Medium-large SEO agencies in Ireland

Medium to large sized SEO agencies charge €500-€5,000 per month for an SEO management campaign.


All prices above are based on some online research I have conducted.


What impacts SEO prices?

Your Goals

What is your goal from your SEO campaign? Do you want to rank highly for “Cafe in Shannon” or do you want to rank highly “Marketing Agency” in Ireland? There is more competition for the second option as you’re attempting to rank Ireland-wide rather than just ranking in the local town.

The larger the region as well as the keywords in your goals, the more complicated your SEO campaign will be. Therefore it will have an impact on the price. It also depends on where your website is currently ranking for those search terms. If you are aren’t on the first 2 or 3 pages of Google, it will take time to get to the first page.


How competitive is your market that you are aiming for? Are you a small business going up against established multinationals? How many businesses are trying to get to that top 3 spot on Google?

If you’re in the tourism industry your market can be highly competitive to attract new customers. Therefore, once again to rank your site it’ll take more work. Thus, the price is higher.


How quickly do you need to get to page 1 on Google? To rank top of Google within just a few months, this will require a lot more effort and focused SEO work than if you’re willing to consistently grow into higher rankings over a longer period.

The SEO provider

As mentioned above, you’ll pay a lot less for SEO from an SEO agency in Clare or Limerick compared to a large SEO agency in Dublin. As it is all online, it doesn’t actually matter where in Ireland your SEO provider is located.

The results their SEO services have proven with other clients, as well as the skills and experience of the SEO team is crucial.


Services Included

Services for each SEO project can vary. Some may include portions of social media marketing in their digital marketing. Link Building is a must from fully qualified related websites. Also on-page technical SEO is a starting point on all search engine optimization.

Different SEO agency’s can have different SEO strategies.


What is the SEO cost with Web Clare?

The fixed retainer model the most effective for consistently ranking websites over time in our opinion. Our SEO packages start at €300 per month and are designed to be suitable for all Clare, Limerick and Ireland businesses. Currently we are helping clients in Clare, Limerick and Dublin with their SEO.

Check out our reviews to see how we are currently helping clients with their rankings and how happy they are with the service. Also, offer a number of different SEO Packages.

Find out what investment is required to begin your business’ SEO campaign? Get in touch for a free SEO Report here and we’ll provide you with research into your website, industry, competition and opportunities available for your business in terms of SEO. No obligation to proceed after the SEO Report. It provides an insight into areas of improvement on your website.

SEO Cost will only be discussed after the results of the SEO Audit Report are known. We don’t proceed with clients unless we can expect that they will get a return to their business. Not all businesses are worth the investment!




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