Checklist for Website Design with Web Clare

Checklist For Website

In the checklist below are some of the details I will be asking you to provide when we meet up to build your website. Don’t worry if you haven’t all the details, we can work through any missing ones together.

Checklist for website:

  1. Your new domain name –  what you want your website to be called
  2. Company/Self Credit card – this will be used to register with both the hosting and domain name companies. This will allow you to own your own site!
  3. Photos that you want on your website – on your USB stick/dropbox/online
  4. Company logo if applicable –on your USB stick/dropbox/online
  5. Details/copy about the company that you want on the website – ideally in word or pdf.
  6. Contact details for your company – email/phone/address
  7. Any brochures you may have on your business and ideally electronic copies of those.
  8. Features you want on your website – i.e. contact form, sell online, scheduling appointments, collect customer emails for newsletter etc..
  9. List of websites you like and features you like about them

Looking forward to helping you build your online presence!

Check out all the benefits you will get when you get your business online

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