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Running a Fitness group during Quarantine

Web Clare Tips for Fitness classes to earn and continue online during Covid-19 Quarantine without a large investment.

  • Setup a Closed Facebook group
  • Message current customers to find out who is interested or ask via your social media.
  • Decide on weekly/monthly payment amount
  • Invite current customers to group to pay via PayPal to allow entry to group. In PayPal under Tools – Request Money, you send message via email/mobile number to them – follow the steps.Request payment via paypal - running a fitness group during quarantine
  • Only accept members to group that have paid
  • Run a Facebook Live by setting up your phone/laptop to record the session within the Group
  • Only the members of the group will get access to the video
  • Bonus – video is recorded for customers joining the group after first session
  • Continue sessions as per your fitness timetable
  • Manage the group – you need to track who has paid when and then send reminders when renewals are due.

This may work for a number of other businesses as well. Hope this helps some businesses that are struggling!

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